Sunday, February 01, 2015

Wet and Windy West Coast Results: January 2015

My forecast for January 28-31, 2015 called for wet and windy West Coast weather for Washington, Oregon, and California. This was based on certain planetary alignments such as the Sun's conjunction to Mercury which excites wind velocities, and Venus' alignment with Saturn, which is known for heavy downfall. Both of these congregated over the West Coast as shown in the astro-locality map below.

My idea was that these two alignments would work together, but in actuality the one seemed to block the other. The wet weather was experienced over the Southwestern states over Arizona, New Mexico, and the Four Corners region. A "closed low" over southern California and strong low-level winds brought an abundance of Pacific moisture onshore which fueled moderate to heavy precipitation there. According to the National Weather Service, a beneficial steady soaking light to moderate rain affected the mountains of southern California. The following Weather Channel map shows the low over the above mentioned area.

As far as windy conditions go, there were various reports of breezy to windy conditions over northern California, gusty northeast winds over Nevada, and some breezy conditions over southern California. The actual weather experienced was very different than what the forecast called for.

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