Tuesday, March 03, 2015

March 2015 Weather Forecasts

There are some planetary alignments in March that have the potential to result in some interesting weather patterns. I'd like to comment on two periods in March. One affects the East Coast U.S. and the other the West Coast.

March 11-14, 2015

This period features the conjunction of Mars and Uranus, and the square of Mars and Pluto. These aspects by Mars serve to trigger the Uranus-Pluto square beforehand which is exact on the 16th. What makes this even more important is that the conjunction takes place on the degree of the previous lunar eclipse of October 8, 2014. Here is the astro-locality map for that eclipse.

Notice the lines that fall over the New England area. This is where the Sun and Moon were rising and setting at the time of the eclipse. It is this point that will be triggered by the Mars-Uranus-Pluto combination.

The last time Mars activated this eclipse degree was on November 15, 2014. By the 17th of November, Winter Storm Bozeman (as nicknamed by the Weather Channel) was over New England. The AccuWeather map below shows the weather that affected the area.

The following Weather Channel map presents another view of the November 17th storm. We see multiple low pressure system running along the East Coast much like the lines in our astro-locality map has many planetary lines affecting the East Coast from the Carolinas northward.

We may expect similar weather between March 11th and 14th this year. The Mars-Uranus combination usually brings energetic weather systems and gusty winds. Mars-Pluto is also very disruptive to weather conditions. So we may see a strong front or low pressure system(s) that affects the Carolinas northward through New England with windy and stormy conditions.

March 16-19, 2015

Saturn will make its retrograde station on the 14th and then receive a square from Mercury on the 16th. The astro-locality map for the winter season places Saturn over California as can be seen by the black line in the map below.

The other yellow line represents the position of Jupiter, which also plays an important role in relation to the developing weather pattern there. This is because Jupiter will oppose the planetary position held by Mars at the beginning of the winter season.

So, what kind of weather can we expect? Well, last year Saturn was also placed over the West Coast in the seasonal winter map. At the time Saturn made its retrograde station last year on March 2nd, the days following showed energetic storm systems that entered the Pacific Northwest even affecting northern and central California at times.

When Mercury squared Saturn last year, there were strong and gusty winds in Nevada, New Mexico and southern California but not much moisture. As for the Mars-Jupiter combination, it is a storm-breeding aspect. Taken together we can probably count on a wind event for the California area with perhaps stormy conditions potentially affecting the Pacific Northwest.

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Unknown said...

Any comments regarding the omega high on the west coast being caused by weather manipulation by monsanto and other agencies of government?

The Weather Alternative said...

Well, I think in this day and age it is a real possibility that weather manipulation is being experimented with. I can't say for sure if this particular high is a product of that or not.