Saturday, May 30, 2015

India Heat Wave

India has been suffering a heat wave since around May 21st that has claimed, up until now, about 1,700 lives. Here are a couple of observations on the astro-meteorological causes of the heat wave.

India Heat Deaths

On May 18th, the New Moon took place at 26 degrees Taurus. This placed the planet Uranus over 78 east longitude through central India as seen in the astro-locality map below. In astro-meteorology Uranus induces the highest barometric pressure. At this time, Uranus is transiting the sign Aries. Although Uranus is generally known to decrease temperatures, Aries is equated with hot and dry temperatures and conditions. So combining the high pressure of Uranus with Aries characteristics, we have the makings of a heat wave.

The next lunar phase is the Full Moon of June 2nd. This chart, as seen below, will place the planet Venus along the eastern coast of India. Venus in astro-meteorology is indicative of downfall in excess of the normal period. Venus is transiting through the sign Cancer which is a wet sign. This would be an indication that the weather pattern changes to usher in moisture over those portions of India and begin to combat the reigning heat wave. Let's hope so.

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