Monday, June 08, 2015

Update on India Heat Wave and Monsoon

The May 30th post, India Heat Wave, discussed one of the planetary influences at work over the country that, from an astro-meteorological standpoint, indicated the heat wave. I also ventured to say that the Full Moon chart of June 2nd would set up a different planetary influence that would be an indication of a pattern change to wetter conditions. This was due to Venus occupying the eastern coast of India. In astro-meteorology, Venus in the sign Cancer, is indicative of increasing moisture and showers. The map below shows the position of Venus at the time of the Full Moon.

Following are a few news reports of monsoon activity over the Indian subcontinent in recent days confirming an influx of moisture over the regions that Venus occupied at the Full Moon. I've included a political map of India in order to recognize more easily the states affected by the monsoon rains.

09 India politica

On June 5th, the India Meteorological Department stated that "Monsoon Hits Kerala." From the political map, we see that Kerala is located on the southwestern tip of the subcontinent. The astro-locality map shows the Venus line passing over that area. In the same post, the IMD stated that parts of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh could expect the advance of the monsoon in the next 48 hours. These areas fall under the Venus line in the astro-locality map.

The news story on June 6th read "Rains lash Andhra, Telangana; conditions conducive for monsoon." We'll note that Telangana is also under the Venus line. The article declared that these pre-monsoon showers brought down temperatures to the delight of the inhabitants of these areas.

Today's news report for June 9th indicated that a cyclonic circulation is now present over the coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh bringing good rainfall to the area. The report also mentions that the monsoon will remain active over Northeast India, which we can see from the astro-locality map, is under the influence of the Venus line.

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