Saturday, June 13, 2015

June 9-12, 2015 Forecast Results

The first forecast of my article Celestial Storm Warnings that appears in the June 2015 edition of Dell Horoscope is for the period between June 9-12. The forecast was based on the astro-locality map below where we see two planetary lines (those of Mercury and Neptune) crossing south of New England and east of Virginia around 70 west longitude and 36 north latitude.

  June Full Moon
Although the article deals with hurricane forecasts, I mentioned it might be too early on in the season at this particular location for a tropical system to form. Therefore, I said there might be a non-tropical low pressure area that forms there or a front.

The National Weather Service forecast map for June 8th shows a stationary front forming over 70 west longitude and about 33 north latitude, as shown in the next map.

08 Atlantic

Then on the 9th, the NWS map shows a low pressure area forming around 35 north latitude but a bit farther east at around 64 west longitude. It's shown on the next map and labeled with an "L" and the number 576.

09 Atlantic

It's interesting to note that the planetary lines in the astro-locality map extend northward through New England. On the 9th, posted the following map showing severe thunderstorms with hail and damaging winds for the New England area.

09 Northeast

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