Friday, September 02, 2016

Hurricane Hermine, TD 8, and the August 24-28, 2016 Forecast Results

Here are the results for the May 27, 2016 post entitled Potential Hurricane August 24-28, 2016. This long-range weather forecast took into account the planetary alignments involving Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Venus, and Jupiter.

One likely scenario I mentioned was "the development of a tropical system off the coast of Florida which would then travel in parallel to the coast with a strong chance of affecting the New England area." 

Hurricane Hermine and TD 8 closely fulfilled this long-range forecast that was issued three months in advance. These tropical systems closely -- but not exactly -- fulfilled the forecast because they appeared a few days after the forecast window I had established.

The Accuweather map below shows the path that Tropical Depression 9, later to become Hurricane Hermine, took across the Florida Peninsula from Monday, August 29th through September 2nd.

29 Tropical Depression 9

It's almost as if the hurricane was being drawn to the area that the planets Mars, Saturn, and Neptune had established in the forecast map I posted back in May. Here's the map again.

Mars Saturn Aug 2016

Tropical Depression 8 was also contributing to the forecast fulfillment as it battered the Carolinas with rough surf and downpours into Wednesday the 31st of August. The Accuweather map below shows its trajectory.

30 Tropical Depression 8

Hermine is now forecast to make a second assault on the Southeast through September 5th. The National Weather Service states, "Heavy rain is possible over the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic Coast associated with Tropical Storm Hermine" as shown in the Accuweather map below.

31 TS Hermine2 Accu

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G.Aspen said...

In this post -

You see that both were formed by the 30th and remember that TD9 was 99L for a long time and both started being tracked when they were right in the mentioned area and time-frame, one a little north and the other a little south.

G.Aspen said...

BTW 99L became a TD on the 28th. It had been watched since the 18th. See the video.