Wednesday, November 23, 2016

January 6-8, 2017 Long-range Weather Forecasts

Here are some experimental weather forecasts based on a new forecast approach I'm working with. The study of astro-meteorology, or how planetary alignments and cycles affect weather patterns, requires that its practitioners devote some of their efforts to experimentation. The following forecasts are based on the Moon's entrance into various zodiacal signs.

Forecast for January 6-8, 2017

The first map shows where the Sun-Pluto conjunction of January 7th will take place. The conjunction is represented by the two blue lines running along the US West Coast. The white line represents the position of the Moon. Sun-Pluto conjunctions often equate with colder weather conditions. In this case we may see a cold front that triggers stormy conditions along the West Coast between these dates.

Also in the map you'll see two lines that cross over the US Northeast. The vertical line represents the position of Venus and the diagonal line that of Mercury. Since Mercury is about to begin its direct motion on the 8th, this area may experience windy conditions during the forecast period.

Jan 6 2017

Our next map focuses on the west coast of Australia where we see Mercury, represented by the white line, crossing with Mars, shown by the yellow line. Here, once again, we may see windy or stormy conditions due to the presence of a low pressure system or front.

Jan 6 2017 Australia

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