Friday, March 17, 2017

A Quick Look at Next Week's Weather - March 25, 2017

A quick look at next weekend (March 25th) shows an interesting setup in the previous solar eclipse chart of February 26th waiting to be triggered.

At the time of the eclipse, Mars was entering into alignment with Jupiter and Uranus. These last two planets were in very close opposition, and Mars was entering the picture as it conjoined Uranus and opposed Jupiter. The astro-locality map below shows the positions of the three planets in question.

March 25

As can be seen, the grouping of planets affects the central U.S. from eastern Texas through the Central and High Plains. The Mars-Uranus conjunction is likely to affect the area with a strong low pressure area and heavy rain. To get an idea, check out this previous forecast for Mars-Uranus. The Mars-Jupiter opposition is also a storm breeder as seen in these results from December 22-26, 2007. Finally, the last Jupiter-Uranus opposition was on December 26, 2016 which affected the Central Plains. The result was a Christmas Day blizzard over the Central and Eastern Plains. Check out the results here.

We can expect some severe weather to once again assail the central U.S. with a strong low pressure area, winds, and precipitation roughly between March 24-26.

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