Saturday, May 27, 2017

March 25, 2017 Forecast Results

Severe weather was expected across the Central Plains between March 24-26 due to the conjunctions and oppositions of Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus.

Here's what happened.

The National Weather Service report for March 24-26 carried these warnings:

Severe weather possible for the Southern/Central High Plains and Lower Mississippi Valley through Friday...

Prime conditions for the spread of wildfires across the Southern/Central High Plains...

The following Weather Channel map for March 23rd shows the approaching storm system.

Mar 23

Here's another snippet from the NWS for March 25:

Rain, heavy at times, and thunderstorms are expected as a result along and just ahead of the cold front over the next couple of days as it advances eastward. Some of these thunderstorms could be
strong to severe. The Storm Prediction Center has outlined a small region that stretches across east TX and the Ark-LA-Tex region as being in an Enhanced Risk for severe weather this evening and
overnight, with conditions favorable for producing damaging winds and isolated tornadoes.

The next Weather Channel map shows the storms progression eastward on the 24th.

Mar 24

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