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November 14 and 27, 2019 Forecast Results

Here are the results of a few forecasts for in and around November 14th as well as November 27th. The first forecast pinpointed the Mississippi Valley and the length of the East Coast as areas that would get substantial rainfall in and around November 14th.

The first Weather Channel map for November 14th shows rain afflicting the lower Mississippi Valley and a cold front running the length of the Mississippi.

The next map from Accuweather shows a low pressure system off the Southeast U.S. bringing rain to the coastal areas.

By the 16th, the low pressure had traveled the length of the East Coast and developed into a Nor'easter as seen in the next Accuweather map.

Generally, this was a good forecast considering it was issued on October 31, 2019. I had also mentioned that the same planetary pair would affect Europe at the same time. I mentioned Jupiter's effect over the United Kingdom and Spain while Neptune influenced areas around France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.
On the 14th, European weather forecasts posted the following for the 14th: Heavy showers and rain in northern and western Spain as well as Portugal. Heavy showers in southern and eastern Spain. Thundery rain in southern France, wet in the west. Showers for northern France and the Low Countries.
For the 15th, the forecast read: Rain again in northern Spain...Low pressure over central Europe brings showers and rain to much of France, the Low Countries and parts of Germany.

Next in the line up was the forecast for the period centering on November 27th. The same Mississippi Valley area and the East Coast were the areas to watch for storm conditions. The Weather Channel map below for November 26th shows a storm system barreling through the Mississippi Valley region.

A repeat of the 26th happened again over the Mississippi River Valley on the 30th as seen in the next Weather Channel map.

What about the length of the East Coast? The next two Accuweather maps for the 29th and 30th show the large storm system plowing eastward along the length of the East Coast.

Finishing up, we see that Europe on the 27th saw rain along the northern coast of Spain and windy and wet weather in France especially in the north and west. Periods of heavy rain were experienced in the Low Countries. On the 28th, heavy rain occurred in northern Portugal and northern Spain with further showers in the Low Countries. On the 30th, heavy rain across Iberia and western France.

All in all, these were some good forecasts. In this last case the forecast was issued almost a month in advance.

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