Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Astro-Weather Twins: Jakarta and Northeast U.S.

November 27, 2007 BBC News

Several days of torrential rain have caused rivers to burst their banks, sending muddy water up to 3m (10ft) deep into homes and businesses.
Hundreds of residents are still holding out on the second floor of their homes, either trapped or unwilling to move, the BBC's Rebecca Henschke in Jakarta says.

The same astrological factors that brought wind and soaking rain to the Northeast U.S. affected the Jakarta area with torrential downpours. Due to other topographical features of the Southeast Asian city, this caused serious flooding.

In the Solar Ingress for the Fall season, Uranus occupied the 7th house cusp over the Northeast U.S. when it turned direct on November 24th. In Jakarta, the Solar Ingress places Uranus on the 1st house cusp.

The New Moon chart of November 9th placed Neptune, the pluvial planet par excellence, on the Midheaven through the Northeast U.S. and on the nadir through Jakarta. Mercury squared Neptune on the 24th.

The most recent lunar eclipse was triggered by the Sun's first square on the 27th. The Sun and Moon were rising and setting over Indonesia and the eastern U.S. at the time of the eclipse.

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Each of us carries on conversations with ourselves daily. This doesn't mean that we are odd or on the verge of spacing out. It's normal to talk to oneself. After you read this, however, I hope you will be much more conscious of your self talk. You will probably be shocked by the amount of time you spend on inner conversations & how those conversations affect your marriage.

Are you aware that:
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--The way you behave toward your spouse is often determined by your self talk & not by his or her behaviour?
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Self talk is the message you tell yourself about yourself, your spouse, your experiences, the past, the future, God etc. It is a set of evaluating thoughts about facts & events that happen to you. As events are repeated, many of your thoughts, & thus your emotional responses, become almost automatic. Sometimes the words you tell yourself are never put together in clear statements. They may be more like impressions.

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