Thursday, November 15, 2007

Stormy Northeast and Canada

Snow showers will spread into the Northeast interior by Friday, while a snow storm could develop over northern Maine. The rapidly developing storm will hit eastern Quebec and Atlantic Canada pretty hard. The Weather Alternative forecast posted on Ocotber 23rd indicated that between November 14th and 19th Mars' retrogade movement carried the potential to generate stormy conditions over the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. The Weather Alternative also posted the following for November 16-19: A low-pressure system, probably located near Quebec, will affect the New England area.

The Meteorological Service of Canada today posted numerous weather warnings for eastern Canada similar to the following:

A low pressure system over new-hampshire is moving northeastward while intensifying and will lie over Sept-Îles Friday evening.This system will affect mostly central and eastern Québec today and Friday.
Regions west of the track of the low pressure system will receive significant snowfall amounts...

Forecast and results for November 8-11
The Accuweather graphic at the left for November 11th, coincides with The Weather Alternative forecast for November 8-11. The forecast called for active weather over the Plains states centering in and around the Dakotas and Minnesota. Here we see a low pressure system close to the forecast area.

Forecast and results for November 9-12

This forecast called for low-pressure over the Rockies with heavy precipitation over Nevada. The accompanying Accuweather map is for the 11th. They reported: Many areas from Southern California to Montana will experience rain or showers as this front progresses towards the southeast.

A front moving through Southern California on Sunday (11th) brought rain to the state and snow in Nevada, with 5.5 inches of snow reported near Wildhorse, Nev.

Forecast and results for Nov 12-14

This forecast called for cold air to sweep into the Northeast generating storms. The map at left is for the 14th. Accuweather reported:

A cold front passing through tonight (14th) and Thursday will quickly sweep out that mild air, causing rain to fall. Today's comfortable air will be replaced by a wintry blast, complete with noticeably cooler air, gusty and chilly winds and snow showers across the interior.

I am unable to post the results of the some of the forecasts from November 5-12 since I was out of the country and had no Internet service available.
November 2007 Hurricane and Severe Weather Outlook

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