Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fay, Why Florida? -- Other Weather Patterns

It's apparent that T.S. Fay is the offspring of the Mars-Pluto square that was exact on August 17th. But why Florida? I was expecting tropical activity further west along the Gulf Coast as posted in Solar Eclipse Time. Our all-important Cardinal Solar Ingress chart has some answers.

As shown in the astro-locality map at left, the Pluto line at the time of the Mars-Pluto square ran across Cuba (see diagonal white line). But there are two positions to choose from when looking at planetary lines. The position that I normally use is the zodiacal position.

The other position is the inmundo position as shown in this next astro-locality map for the moment of Mars square Pluto. Most planets, except Pluto, don't vary much when switching between these two positions. Because of Pluto's rather eccentric orbit there is a considerable difference at times.

Comparing Pluto's inmundo position to Fay's actual path as shown on this Weather Channel map, one can see that Fay was hugging the Pluto line in it's trip across Florida.

The geographical area mentioned in Solar Eclipse Time has been active nevertheless. The forecast called for an outbreak of storms or tropical activity along 88 west longitude roughly between August 17-19. The Accuweather Map at right shows drenching storms that have been over this general area lately.

Originally I had said the period starts on the 16th and 17th with severe weather over Arkansas. No severe weather was reported, but further south over Louisiana a front had stalled bringing numerous thunderstorms over the area.

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Anonymous said...

In a round about way, fay is fulfilling your projection as it heads west into Mississipi

The Weather Alternative said...

Yes. See my latest post.