Sunday, April 27, 2008

Summer 2008: The Rockies Part 1

Saturn's astro-meteorological influence is related to the cold blue ray in the solar spectrum. It brings major low pressure systems resulting in cold and wet weather when negatively aspected. Negative aspects include squares, oppositions, and some conjunctions. Under positive aspects like the sextile, trine, and positive conjunctions, lower ranges of temperatures and fair weather are to be expected. Saturn will be a key player in this summer's weather since it appears on the Midheaven at 113 west longitude in the Vernal Equinox chart affecting the Great Basin area and the Rocky Mountains.

Included below are some dates when Saturn is aspected by other planets as well as the most likely weather scenarios that will result from those aspects.

July 7-10
Mars will parallel Saturn on the 7th and conjoin Saturn on the 10th. The Mars-Saturn cojunctions usually result in destructive, windy storms due to the clashing of contrary air masses.

Aug 7-9
Chilly and damp weather develops over the Great Basin and Rockies.

Aug 12-15
The conjunctions and parallels of Mercury and Venus to Saturn will bring a storm system to the Rockies lowering temperatures after its passage.

Aug 25-27
A dose of cold air descends over the West generating a low pressure system over the Great Basin and Rockies.

Aug 29-Sept 4
This six-day stretch features the Sun's parallel and conjunction to Saturn. Lower temperatures are to be expected as a cold air mass moves in over the Rockies resulting in precipitation.

Sept 7-10
Jupiter's trine to Saturn on the 8th will bring cool but fair weather to the Rockies

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Bob Rood said...

Does central Calif have a chance of setting a record for the most days without rain?

The Weather Alternative said...

It's unclear to me at present. Perhaps as I research more of this summer's weather, (time permitting) it may become more apparent.