Monday, May 12, 2008

Summer 2008: The Plains and Mississippi Valley- Part 1

Both Mercury and Uranus will affect weather patterns over the Plains and Mississippi Valley this summer. This is due to their angular positions in the Summer Solstice Chart. (See map) These two planets share an affinity for unseasonable coolness and sporadic strong winds especially when negatively aspected. In season, negative aspects to Mercury (oppositions, squares, and some conjunctions) often spawn hurricanes. Uranus seems to be a more intense version of Mercury and activates descending cold air not only from the Arctic but also from rivers of intensely frigid air in very high levels of the atmosphere.

I've listed important dates below when these planets are activated, and I've included some ideas as to their effect on weather patterns over the US midsection.

June 25-29
Uranus turns retrograde on the 26th. This presages a strong cold front pushing southward over the northern Plains lowering temperatures, and triggering precipitation and windy conditions. There is the possibility of a low pressure system affecting Brownsville and southern Texas.

July 5-8
A cold air mass descends over the Plains out of Canada setting off storms. A cold front along the East Coast brings storms from Florida to New England.

July 13-15
The Sun's trines to Uranus indicates cool and fair over the Plains.

July 22-24
Mercury trines Uranus over the Plains and brings cool, dry air southward. Mars influence adds stormy and windy conditions over the Mississippi Valley.

Aug 5-7
Mars opposes transit Uranus on the 6th. The Moon triggers them earlier on the 4th.
Mars-Uranus signifies storm emergencies and windy conditions, which will hit the Plains. Tornadoes may be a by-product of these storms.

Aug 16-17
An outbreak of storms is shown over the Midwest states and the southern and central Mississippi Valley areas. Particularly severe storms are indicated in and around Arkansas. This may be due to either a tropical storm system originating in the Gulf of Mexico or a low pressure system traversing the southern states.

Aug 20-24
This period starts with a warm and moist air mass pushing up over the Plains due to Mercury's conjunction with Venus. As these planets pass to the opposition of Uranus a cold air mass clashes with it resulting in storms throughout the Plains.

Aug 27-29
Mercury and Venus square Pluto on the 27th and 29th.
Summer storms hit the Mississippi Valley as contrary air masses scuffle over the area.

Sept 3-7
Weather gets nasty over the Plains as Mercury and Mars parallel Uranus provoking windy conditions or severe thunderstorms packing damaging winds. Severe weather then pushes eastward over the Mississippi Valley.

Sept 9-14
Another cold wave begins to affect the Plains triggering precipitation. From the 12th on, the Sun's opposition to Uranus brings a cold air mass out of the north lowering temperatures and setting off storms, which have the potential to reach severe limits. Possible tropical storm or hurricane formation is indicated in the western Gulf of Mexico.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I am new to you website and find it quite tremendous! Would you mind telling why Louisiana and the surrounding area is seeing so many hurricanes this month? I have a considerable interest in your, kids, house, dog, etc. Thanks, Leslie

The Weather Alternative said...

Hi, Leslie!

Well, from an astrological angle, the last Full Moon and now this First Quarter Moon (see my latest post) have placed some very dangerous planetary alingments over Louisiana and southeast Texas.

Looks like Ike might be headed close to your area too. Stay safe.