Monday, July 20, 2009

Long-range Forecast: August 10-15, 2009

August 10-12, 2009
Mars will square Saturn on August 10th. Both the Solar Ingress and the New Moon chart places this troublesome pair over the United States. Taking these charts together, the Plains and Mississippi Valley areas are prone to strong storms at this time. It appears that the area in and around Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri will be subject to a high concentration of severe weather.
The eastern U.S. will also experience strong storms with the highest concentration moving over Pennsylvania and West Virginia into New England. The severe weather over the Northeast continues with the next forecast for August 14-15.

August 14-15, 2009

The New Moon of July 21st placed a Venus-Saturn square at 18 Gemini-Virgo over 81 west longitude (through the Southeast U.S. into the eastern Great Lakes). The Saturn portion affects the East Coast through Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

On the 15th, transit Mercury will trigger this set-up. Transit Mercury, along with transit Mars will cross over the North Carolina coast, Maryland, and Delaware. The transit Moon will aspect them all on the 15th.
This sounds like a storm system affecting the eastern U.S. with a special concentration along coastal area involving the coasts of North Carolina, Maryland, and Delaware. Aside from the risk of severe storms over this area another possibility is for a tropical system to affect the area on its way toward New England.

Solar Eclipse Action for August and September 2009

Solar Eclipse Action For June and July 2009

July 23-25, 2009 Forecast

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Anonymous said...

We just had a solar eclipse at the cusp of leo and my question is will mars trigger seismic activity in China or India when mars reaches 0 degree's leo?

The Weather Alternative said...

I don't do any earthquake prediction, but I would watch for a reaction there anytime an outer planet conjoins the eclipse degree. Don't forget the Sun's first square to the eclipse degree too--roughly 3 months later.

My software shows the eclipse degree at 29 Cancer.