Saturday, July 25, 2009

Review of Forecasts for July 21-23 and July 23-25, 2009

The long-range weather forecasts posted here on The Weather Alternative covered the period of July 21-25, 2009.

The first portion of the forecast covered July 21-23.

We expected an atmospheric reaction (perhaps a tropical system) over the Mexican coastal area around 103 west longitude and 18 north latitude. Nothing that dramatic occurred, but as can be seen from the weather map at left for July 22nd, that very area is circled in green and labeled "Zona de Inestabilidad." This zone of instability, as it was called by the Mexican weather service, was slated for intense storm activity.

The same forecast mentioned the possibility of severe weather over the U.S. Rockies. The Accuweather map at right for the 21st shows the Southwest U.S. which during that time experienced big, slow-moving storms that caused flash flooding. The was brought about by storms dropping a quick 1 to 2 inches of rain.

The next segment of the forecast was for July 23-25. The above link will show you the astro-weather map where with a circled area over Arizona, New Mexico, and northwest Mexico. This forecast called for strong storms or a heat anomaly over this area.

The accompanying weather map for July 23rd from the Mexican weather service shows this exact area circled in red and once again labeled "Zona de Inestabilidad" similar to the one mentioned above. The western U.S. at this time was continuing to experience a heat wave as did northern Mexico.

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