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September 11-18, 2009 Forecast for Eastern U.S. and Nova Scotia

September 11-18, 2009

Forecast for the Southeast
Judging principally from the Solar Ingress chart and the main aspects such as Pluto’s direct station, the Saturn-Uranus opposition, the oppositions of Venus to Jupiter and Neptune, and Mercury’s square to Pluto, the Gulf Coast area, roughly from New Orleans to the Florida Peninsula, will be under some very severe weather patterns.

The crossings between planets in the Solar Ingress and the Lunar Eclipse chart suggest that there may be some tropical storm or hurricane development in the Gulf of Mexico. The strike zone could be from New Orleans to the Florida Panhandle. Central America also shows potential for severe weather; possibly a tropical storm or hurricane strike.

If not an actual tropical system, a severe weather system is possible from the Mississippi Valley eastward to the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic States. Pluto’s station suggests a cold air mass descending out of Canada. The Saturn-Uranus opposition suggests high wind velocities. The Venus oppositions to Jupiter and Neptune suggest warm and moist air masses. Taken together, a clashing of atmospheric elements have the potential to engender very strong storms packing damaging winds, hail, and maybe spawning tornadoes.

Northeast and New England
The New Moon and Full Moon charts place the planet Neptune in key positions over this area. The main aspects at this time are Venus opposition Jupiter and Venus opposition Neptune. These tend to increase warmth and moisture. In extreme cases, Neptune has to do with flooding conditions. Staring on the 11th, weather conditions are building in intensity and seem to be at their strongest from the 15th through the 18th when storms bringing heavy rainfall are likely. A tropical system cannot be ruled out.

Nova Scotia
The Last Quarter Moon places a special emphasis over this area. From the 11th through the 18th, a build up of planetary influence points strongly to a severe weather pattern to affect the area or to the likelihood of a tropical system making landfall around the 17th and 18th.

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