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Christmas Weather Forecast and New Year's Weather Forecast United States and Europe

The long-range weather forecasts presented here at The Weather Alternative are based on the ancient study of astro-meteorology or planetary cycles.

Here are some forecasts for the Christmas season and New Year's Eve in the United States and Europe.

United States

New England

Dec 20, 2009 - Jan 1, 2010
Dec 20-22
: Somebody left the faucet on! Heavy rain is possible for New England as warm moist air is drawn up over the East Coast and New England.
Dec 25-27: Windy and cold weather is in store for the Northeast and New England. If enough moisture is in place, storms ensue.
Jan 1, 2010: Another blast of cold winds out of Canada for the Northeast and New England.

East Coast

Dec 20, 2009 - Jan 1, 2010

Dec 20-22: A front moves through to the East Coast. This has the potential to unleash heavy rainfall from the North Carolina coast through the Northeast.
Dec 25-27: Cold and windy over the Northeast.
Dec 31-Jan 1: Another front producing storms through the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

Mississippi Valley and East Central U.S.

Dec 22, 2009 - Jan 1,
Dec 22-23: A potent storm system begins to gear up over the Mississippi Valley as moisture from the Gulf interacts with cold air out of Canada.
Dec 24-26: A strong winter storm hits the East Central States from Michigan down through the Florida Panhandle. Expect major travel problems and airport delays. Special intensity is shown over the Southeast U.S. in and around Georgia and South Carolina.
Dec 28-31: The area stays stormy as another low pressure system or front pushes through the East Central area leading up to New Year’s Eve.


Dec 28-31

Warm, moist air filters up over the Rockies from south to north. This may result in foggy conditions but more importantly strong downpours are possible.

West Coast

Dec 20-Jan 01
Dec 20-22
: An energetic front enters the U.S. West Coast bringing a good amount of precipitation.
Dec 24: A warm up over the Pacific NW.
Jan 1: A cold front out of British Columbia begins to enter the Pacific Northwest.


Dec 22-23: On the 22nd and 23rd, a cold, dry air mass descends over the United Kingdom and begins to interact with a moist, low pressure area just north of Ireland driving clouds and precipitation over the British Isles.
Dec 24-25: By the 24th and 25th a strong front or storm system is battering France, Germany, and the surrounding areas.
Dec 26: From the 26th on, cold, windy conditions set in over the British Isles, southward into France.
Dec 27-29: A series of fronts or a lingering low pressure area continues to keep the region in and around France and Germany under stormy conditions. Heavy precipitation is shown for the British Isles.

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