Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Saint Patrick's Day 2010 Weather Forecast

Here’s the Saint Patrick’s Day 2010 long-range weather forecast for the central and eastern United States and for the United Kingdom.

Central and Eastern United States
March 13-17, 2010

Starting on the 13th, penetratingly cold air descends over the Mississippi Valley and Great Lakes area on gusty winds lowering temperatures and continuing southward easily reaching the central and eastern Gulf Coast States. Here are two ways this may play out:

Scenario 1:
The cold air is due to a high pressure system that dosen’t bring much precipitation with it but barrels down toward the Gulf Coast and also spreads eastward toward the Northeast U.S.
Scenario 2:
As often happens with cold air masses, it interacts with moisture already in place bringing significant precipitation and forms a low pressure system that results in a strong winter storm. The storm system then tracks toward the Northeast U.S.

In both scenarios, we could see lake-effect snows on the southern portions of the Great Lakes.

A chance of rain is indicated for New York City on the 17th for the 248th Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. At the same time the aforementioned weather system (in scenarios 1 and 2) from the central U.S. is moving eastward and due to hit NYC on the evening of the 17th although some models show it hitting earlier.

United Kingdom
March 13-17, 2010

A cold air mass works its way southward and eastward over the United Kingdom. Windy conditions and precipitation are likely.

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You forgot to pat yourself on the back for your excellent Jan. 2010 forecast for Calif.

The Weather Alternative said...

Thanks, Bob!

I was going to review the January forecasts in an upcoming post.