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Super Bowl Sunday 2010 Weather Forecast

Super Bowl Sunday will take place on February 7, 2010 at Miami's Dolphin Stadium. This de facto American holiday is the second largest U.S. food consumption day after Thanksgiving.

The city of Miami has often hosted the Super Bowl due to its agreeable February weather. The average daytime temperature in Miami at this time of year is 78 degrees with a nighttime average temperature reading of 61.

Conventional meteorology is extremely limited in its ability to forecast weather conditions beyond 3 or 4 days. Even with the help of the latest supercomputers, which can run about one trillion calculations every second, meteorologists can only expect this upgraded technology to slightly improve the accuracy of their 3-to-4-day forecasts. The idea of forecasting Miami's weather for Feb 7, 2010 on Nov 14, 2009 is not even remotely possible.

The ancient study of astro-meteorology, which considers planetary cycles as indicators of terrestrial weather patterns allows one to look far into the future. Since planetary positions can be known months and years in advance, and since a reliable body of knowledge of each planet's influence on our weather has been compiled and tested over thousands of years, an astro-meteorologist can look ahead and make a pretty accurate forecast. Of course, no forecast method, be it conventional or otherwise, can claim 100% accuracy but astro-meteorology offers the best possibility for long-range predictions as has been shown on this site.

In looking at the planetary line-up over Miami for February 7th, we find a conjunction of the planets Venus and Neptune. These planets when aligned are associated with southerly air flows and an increase in moisture. Under Venus-Neptune rainfall can be heavy, at times leading to flash flooding. The Moon will trigger this pair the day before. So it appears that starting on the 6th into the 7th there is a strong possibility of rain for the Miami area and Florida in general. Hopefully, it won't spoil too much of the fun but if you're headed that way, you might want to be prepared.

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