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West Coast Weather Concerns July 23-31, 2010

The U.S. West Coast may experience an anomalous weather pattern between July 23-31. The month of July is usually one of the sunniest and driest months for the West Coast States. A number of planetary alignments, however, especially between the 23rd and 26th, then again between the 30th and 31st, may bring out-of-season storminess to the region.

The ordeal starts on the 23rd as Jupiter makes its retrograde station. In other words, from our viewpoint on earth, Jupiter appears to travel backwards in the heavens. A key chart places Jupiter overhead along the 118th west longitude. This line runs through Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and California. Jupiter will be in a disruptive alignment with Pluto at this time.

Other disruptive alignments take place between Mercury and Neptune, and between Saturn and Uranus on the 26th. Key charts place these planets over the western Pacific between 130 and 135 west longitude. Since these alignments have been observed to coincide with storm conditions, we may conclude that a low pressure area or strong cold front will push eastward into the Pacific Northwest and perhaps California at this time.

Then on the 30th and 31st, the opposition of Mars and Uranus, a breeder of high velocity winds, and the conjunction of Mars and Saturn, known to produce severe weather systems, will operate off the U.S. West Coast and send a disruptive weather pattern eastward.

Businessmen and entrepreneurs are encouraged more and more to think out of the box. Well, if you like to think out of the box, which I do and one of the reasons that astrometeorology appeals to me, you'll find that these forecasts based on planetary cycles are just that. One really needs to break out of the mold of conventional approaches to weather forecasting to consider that there may actually be a connection between our weather and our solar system.

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That’s a phenomenon many writers have noted. After wide-ranging research into the topic of suffering, Philip Yancey wrote, “As I visited people whose pain far exceeded my own ... I was surprised by its effects. Suffering seemed as likely to reinforce faith as to sow agnosticism.” Scottish theologian James S. Stewart said: “It is the spectators, the people who are outside, looking at the tragedy, from whose ranks the skeptics come; it is not those who are actually in the arena and who know suffering from the inside. Indeed, the fact is that it is the world’s greatest sufferers who have produced the most shining examples of unconquerable faith.”

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It is interesting to me that july 23 - 31 is active as it should be extremely active in the financial markets. If you are interested, check out april 26 stock market top and the major aspect. Also look at May 6 and 7. There is harmony in our solar system.