Monday, July 19, 2010

Experimental Forecasts Part 2- July-Sept 2010

Here are some more experimental forecasts for July, August, and September 2010 based on recent studies. If these pan out, these refinements will be included in my forecast method.

July 25-27, 2010
At this time Mercury and Neptune form an opposition. This has been observed to bring high relative humidity, sudden squalls, and low pressure areas. The Northeast and New England are the areas to watch at this time.

August 20-22, 2010
The Sun's opposition to Neptune is known to result in increased southerly airflow, rising temperatures and humidity, and low pressure areas bringing precipitation. In this case the area to be targeted is the eastern Plains and Mississippi Valley. Other factors show that this period of severe weather could start around the 18th.

September 3-5, 2010
The Hawaiian Islands may experience some severe weather at this time. One possibility is a tropical system that may come close to the area.

September 13-15, 2010
There is a chance for a severe weather pattern to develop over the Florida Panhandle now. If a tropical system, it may extend from the Texas-Louisiana state line eastward to the Florida Panhandle. I'm not too convinced yet about this one, but there may be something to this. Other possibilities include severe thunderstorms with damaging winds and hail.

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