Thursday, December 23, 2010

Great Lakes Winter Storm Jan 10-13, 2011

Between January 10th and 13th, 2011 the formation of a low pressure system and an invasion of cold air over the Great Lakes will likely result in winter storm and high wind warnings over the area.

Cold fronts on weather maps are depicted by the following symbol.


Many readers, however, prefer Gil Elvgren's depiction of a Cold Front.
While we're on the subject of heavenly bodies, it is precisely the angular relationships involving the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus that, according to astro-meteorology, will trigger the intense low pressure system over the Great Lakes area.

The Sun's parallel to Mercury accelerates wind velocities. Mercury's parallel to Mars also has the same effect. Bleak, penetrating, blustery cold weather accompanies the square of Mercury to Uranus, and high-velocity winds attend the parallel between Jupiter and Uranus.

The Pacific Northwest and British Columbia, as well as the Northeast U.S. will also be affected by these planetary alignments.

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