Thursday, December 16, 2010

Major Storm January 3-5, 2011

The ingredients for a major storm to form over the Great Lakes area will come together between the 3rd and 5th of January 2011. According to the long-range forecast method based on Johannes Kepler's use of planetary cycles, the alignments of Jupiter and Uranus coupled with the configuration between Venus and Neptune will provide the cold and moisture needed to create a powerful atmospheric disturbance.


The conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus recurs at average periods of 13.81 years and have been observed by astro-meteorologists to coincide with intense cold fronts and high velocity winds. During the 2010-11 winter season, Jupiter and Uranus set up residence over 87 west longitude ranging southward through Chicago, Illinois, western Kentucky and Tennessee, and on through Mobile, Alabama.

The configurations between Venus and Neptune, the pluvial planet par excellence,
have been observed to induce southerly air flows, lower barometer, and the heaviest downpours. The New Moon chart at this time localizes their influence over the Great Lakes area.


It appears that a cold air mass from the northern Plains will push eastward and collide with warm, moist air over the Great Lakes at this time and affect an area as far southward as Tennessee. The storm should then move eastward over the U.S. Northeast.

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Regina said...

oh, goodness! School starts on that Monday, wonder if we will have snowdays. Thanks for the update, I looked at our new moon chart, and Neptune conjunct IC, Scorpio on AC. We're gonna get hit hard I'm sure!