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Significant West Coast Storm February 20-23, 2011

Expect whipping winds and a strong low pressure system to bring precipitation to coastal areas of British Columbia, the Pacific Northwest, Idaho, and Nevada as it pushes eastward.
The planet Neptune occupies the 116th line of west longitude through Idaho, Nevada, and southern California in the winter seasonal chart. Neptune's influence has been observed by astro-meteorologists to correspond with increased atmospheric moisture, southerly air flows, and heavy downpours when aspected negatively by other planets. Between the 20th and 23rd of February 2011, both Mercury and Mars will conjoin Neptune triggering its pluvial influence.

Conjunctions of Mercury and Mars bring acute weather systems characterized by whipping westerly winds. The conjunction of Mars and Neptune induce a rapidly falling barometer and semi-tropical-like low pressure systems. Mercury's conjunction to Neptune also lowers the barometer and increases precipitation.
The Mars-Neptune conjunction occurs about every two years. Our last one was the conjunction of March 8, 2009. The seasonal chart for the winter of 2008-9 also placed Neptune over the West Coast States. That particular storm, which was also was the subject of a long-range forecast brought winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories across the Pacific Northwest, Idaho, and western Montana. Snow levels in western Washington and northwest Oregon were about at sea level causing driving problems. This year's Mars-Neptune conjunction is exacerbated by the additional energy of the Mercury-Mars conjunction.
The celestial waterworks may actually get underway a few days beforehand when the Sun makes its conjunction to Neptune on the 17th. Then, the Full Moon of February 18th falls in close conjunction to Neptune drawing moisture up from southern regions.

The same planetary configurations affect the eastern portion of Australia which may now be subject to heavy rain.

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