Thursday, June 30, 2011

Heat Alerts Fulfill Long-range Forecast

The long-range weather forecast for July 1-11, 2011 is beginning to shape up as excessive heat warnings are being issued for the central U.S. The Weather Channel map below shows where the heat alerts are for today.
30 heat alerts
The long-range forecast posted on June 18th talked about how the astrometeorological effect of Venus would begin being felt around July 1st. Venus' influence was described as increasing the moisture content of the atmosphere accompanied by a southerly air flow and increasing temperatures.

The mercury is starting to rise over the central U.S. with temperatures in some of these locations reaching between 100 to 110 degrees! Accuweather warns that the heat will continue for the next couple of days and be accompanied by high levels of humidity as well. As we progress into the forecast period, we'll look at how the rest of the forecast fared.

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