Wednesday, July 20, 2011

August 16-18, 2011 Long-range Weather Forecast

On August 16th, a triple conjunction will take place involving the Sun, Mercury, and Venus is the hot sign Leo. Mercury is retrograde now and its conjunction with the Sun during hurricane season has been observed to coincide with the formation of tropical systems.
The conjunction when viewed from key charts affects the East Coast states of North Carolina and Virginia northward through Pennsylvania. Since the conjunction takes place in the thermal sign Leo, one of the initial reactions over this area could be a heat wave. Severe thunderstorms are also a strong possibility now as is the likelihood of a tropical system.

Further south in the Caribbean, a tropical system may make its way from the Windward Islands affecting Puerto Rico and Hispaniola as it passes south of them on its way past Jamaica towards Honduras and Nicaragua.

The southernmost portions of Texas around Brownsville are also affected by the triple conjunction, where severe thunderstorms or an influx of tropical moisture is likely.

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