Monday, July 25, 2011

August 9-13, 2011 Long-range Weather Forecast

An active weather period is indicated for the U.S. East Coast, Northeast, and New England between August 9-13, 2011 as the square of Mars to Uranus and the Mars-Pluto opposition continue to stir up the atmosphere. During this time, a retrograde Mercury will oppose Neptune as well.

Mercury's role in hurricane formation is usually greater when it is in retrograde motion, which it begins this year on August 2nd. Mars is no slouch when it comes to severe weather either. Mars-Uranus incites wind velocities that add violence to storms. Mars-Pluto generates intense storms as well.


Not only is the eastern U.S. involved, the area affected also includes the region in and around eastern Cuba, Haiti, and the Bahamas. There's a strong chance that a tropical system will develop in this area and head northward affecting the Carolinas and northward to the Northeast and New England. Other possibilities include severe storms throughout these areas.

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