Friday, August 19, 2011

Tropical Depression 8 Fulfills Long-range Weather Forecast!

The long-range weather forecast for August 16-18 published in the August edition of Dell Horoscope magazine had been fulfilled by Tropical Depression 8. The forecast, prepared in February of this year, stated "...a tropical system may churn from the Windward Islands and pass south of Puerto Rico and Hispaniola, probably affecting them, and then continue south of Jamaica and hit Honduras and Nicaragua."
19 TD 8

The National Weather Service map above shows T.D. 8 hitting Honduras and surrounding areas.

The next map below is from August 17th and shows T.D. 8, when it was still a tropical wave, passing south of Puerto Rico and Hispaniola on its way toward Jamaica as stated in the long-range forecast.

17 Tropics

The tropical depression is expected to pour down as much as 8 inches of rain over Honduras causing flash flooding and mudslides.

The other portion of the same August 16-18 forecast had a close fulfillment.
Aug 15

The forecast was based on the simultaneous conjunctions of the Sun, Mercury, and Venus which took place on the 16th.

"Around this time the conjunctions of the Sun, Mercury, and Venus affect the east coast states of North Carolina and Virginia through Pennsylvania. Severe weather in the form of strong storms should result."

The Weather Channel headline for August 15th read "Storm slogs through Northeast with heavy rain." The big storm also pushed a significant cold front through most of the South and Southeast.

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