Monday, August 22, 2011

What About Rain for Texas?

In a recent Accuweather post on breaking the Texas heat and drought, two options were discussed. The first one involves a frontal boundary pushing southward over Texas. Alas, this seems unlikely as it's very tough for a front to make it that far south and bring any major change.
11 Texas

The second option is for a tropical system to move in from the south bringing needed rain and thus break the drought and heat. The following comments explore the long-range possibilities of this happening during the first two weeks of September.

September 2-4, 2011
Indications in the Solar Ingress chart for the summer season show that the influence of the planet Venus will be activated now. In astrometeorology, the general tendency of Venus is to increase moisture. Venus occupies the 95th degree of west longitude passing through the Gulf of Mexico, eastern Texas, and northward through the Plains. This could indicate a southerly airflow that returns moisture, hopefully in the form of rain, to these areas. Precipitation could be the strongest in the Gulf around 22 north latitude. This suggests a tropical system that could form roughly about 150 miles east of Tampico, Mexico. Of course, if such a system develops, there is the chance that it will travel westward to Mexico and not affect the U.S.

September 7-9, 2011
This period features a Mercury-Neptune opposition, which is well known for its ability to increase moisture. Some of the recent heavy rainfall in the Northeast was due an earlier Mercury-Neptune opposition. Various lunation charts place this planetary pair over the 95th and 97th degrees of west longitude. Once again, these pass through Texas. Venus is once again active in the Solar Ingress. So we see the same area in the Gulf off of Tampico, Mexico activated again. Perhaps this is a continuation of the Sept 2-4 influence. The general idea is that a moist air mass from the Gulf is drawn northward over Texas.

September 15-17, 2011
More Venus and Neptune aspects occur now and since both these planets increase moisture there is a good chance Texas will receive the benefits of an increased southerly air flow from the Gulf. Eastern Oklahoma and western Arkansas stand the chance of some severe weather now.

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