Monday, August 01, 2011

T.S. Eugene and July 29-31 Forecast Results

The Weather Alternative post of May 14, 2011 entitled Hurricane Season 2011 Baja, Mexico mentioned that planetary alignments during July 29-31, 2011 had "the potential to result in a low pressure that generates strong winds and rain." One idea was that this might be a tropical system.
31 TD 5E
In general at this time, which featured the Mercury-Neptune opposition, the tropics came to life. The Gulf of Mexico saw Tropical Storm Don, the Atlantic saw a strengthening tropical wave which any day now may become Emily, and the eastern Pacific greeted Tropical Storm Eugene.

Although Eugene will pass somewhat near the Baja, its passage will be too far west of the Baja, and a few days too late to view it as a fulfillment of the May 2011 long-range weather forecast.

What weather did occur over the Baja then?
30 Viento Maximo
Over the last few days, particularly on the 30th and 31st of July, the Mexican weather bureau, Conagua, has reported an 80 percent chance of rain over the Baja, along with lightning, extremely hot temperatures, and high winds. The above map shows a green arrow over the Baja with the words "Viento Maximo" or maximum wind, fulfilling the long-range forecast for strong winds and rain.

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Bob said...

Can you explain the planetary harmonics involved in the massive heatwave in Texas and Oklahoma?

The Weather Alternative said...

I don't find this heat wave as the result of one particular aspect bewteen planets. So it's not because of a Mars-Jupiter conjunction, for example.

I see it as the result of a number of planetary positions in various charts over a long time period. So since the end of May, Mars was in a key position in the Solar Ingress chart that kept it over the area in question more than a month. Of course, it was making different aspects as it hovered there.

Then the torch was passed to Venus over the U.S. midsection in the next Solar Ingress. Then the FUll Moon of July 15th places hot, dry planets such as the Sun and Jupiter over 98 west longitude.

From there we see, for example, the New Moon of July 30th places the Sun/Moon in hot Leo over the 98west longitude through Texas.

So, it seems to be a combination of celestial events that keep placing planets that astrometeorologist recognize as hot and dry influences over the same area.