Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Fulfills Long-range Weather Prediction!

Hurricane Sandy's path along the U.S. East Coast and her upcoming landfall fulfill a long-range prediction issued here on The Weather Alternative back in May of this year. The May 26, 2012 post entitled Long-range Effects of the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse Part 2 pinpointed the U.S. East Coast and Caribbean area for a possible tropical system and other severe weather between October 28-30 of this year.

In that post, I presented the following astro-locality map. The map shows areas circled in red that would be activated at different times resulting in severe weather.

Let's look at some of these areas starting with the red circle in the Caribbean. In the May post, I pointed out how Tropical Storm Beryl had developed there at the time of the eclipse. This is the same area where Hurricane Sandy began on October 22nd as Tropical Depression 18.

Next, let's look at the circles over the Carolina's. One is over South Carolina, and the other is off the North Carolina coast. In the original post, I showed how Tropical Storm Alberto affected this area on the day of the eclipse. I then pointed out how a few days later when the eclipse was activated once again, Subtropical Storm Beryl was drawn there as well. The National Weather Service map below is for today and shows Hurricane Sandy over the very same area.
27 Hurricane Sandy

The last circles are over the Mid-Atlantic and the Northeast. These areas have experienced severe weather when the eclipse has been activated in the past. These same areas are slated to be under the gun over the next few days as can be seen from the next National Weather Service map showing the extent of tropical storm force winds from Hurricane Sandy.

27 TS Winds If you are in the path of this hurricane, stay safe and check out The Weather Alternative for other long-range forecasts.
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Anonymous said...

Isaiah 9:10 You predicted the storm but it would be impossible to predict the magnitude. This was another in a serious of Harbingers because the American People are turning there back on God

The Weather Alternative said...

Isaiah 9:10 is an interesting verse. The New Living Translation says, "They said, "We will replace the broken bricks of our ruins with finished stone, and replant the felled sycamore-fig trees with cedars."

Truly the Northeast will have to rebuild. I'm sure, as often happens in these disasters, many people get closer to the Lord.

Bill belk said...

silas, hey there! 1st time to ur site. i'm impressed! the previous post mentioned the book i was tellin you about the other day! u have to read it to really understand the significance of the verse. I promise that u will be blown away! did u get my e-mail about cheap trades sites? Bill

The Weather Alternative said...

Yes, I got your email and I'll check out the book.

Gary (NJ) said...

I noticed that when Sandy hit, Mars in Sagittarius was in exact square to the Mars in Virgo of the lunar eclipse of June 4th -- two weeks after May 20th solar.

The Weather Alternative said...

Good point, Gary. That lunar eclipse of June 4th was the most recent lunar eclipse at that time. I find that those really work when radical positions are transited.