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September 25-October 1, 2012 Forecast Results

Here are the results of the first forecasts made at the end of August for the beginning of the fall season.

Central U.S.

Sept 30-Oct 1
Mercury will parallel Saturn now and the Moon will opposed Mercury and Saturn on October 1st. Saturn stretches from Texas to Minnesota. We should see increasing cloudiness, easterly winds, lower temps, and possible precipitation.

Mercury's parallel to Saturn as mentioned above is bringing the first major pattern change to the central U.S. As we speak, colder air is starting to funnel down the eastern Rockies into the Plains. Chillier air will move in over the northern and central Rockies to parts of the Plains and Midwest. Check out the Weather Channel map below. 01 Pattern Change Eastern U.S.


Sept 25-27

Venus' square to Mars at this time will increase temperatures and bring a front or storm system to the Mid-Atlantic area.


On the 25th, weather forecasters reported, "...the rain and storms may impact the swath from Washington, D.C., to Philadelphia, New York City and Boston during Wednesday (26th). On the 27th, they said, "- A zone of drenching showers and locally gusty thunderstorms from the mid-Atlantic and Ohio Valley to the south-central Plains will once again impact millions of people into Thursday night. Towns and communities from West Virginia to the Delmarva Peninsula will have to be alert late this afternoon and evening for potentially gusty storms...a few of the storms will be capable of producing gusty and potentially damaging winds." The Weather Channel map below is for the 27th and shows a low pressure area over the Mid-Atlantic. Sept 27 West Coast


Sept 25-29

A very stormy weather system is expected packing high velocity winds and precipitation over the West Coast.


No major storm system affected the area at this time. On the 27th and 28th a breezy front affected the area with little or no threat of precipitation. The map below shows the front on the 29th. Sept 29

New England


Sept 26-27

The Mars-Neptune crossing off the New England coast is triggered now as well as another one further south off the North Carolina coast. This might be an indication of the path of a tropical system that is drawn northward passed the Carolinas toward New England in and around these dates.


Although no tropical system developed, there was heavy rain reported. Sept 27th- Showers associated with a surface low and cold front will move from Pennsylvania and West Virginia into southern New York and southwest New England overnight. Some of the heavier showers could produce rainfall totals in excess of one inch from Pennsylvania to southern New York tonight and Friday. Sept 28th- Pockets of locally heavy rain, especially eastern New England, is possible through tonight, with some spots expected to pick up over an inch.

The following map is for the 26th.

26 East

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