Sunday, February 24, 2013

Blizzard Fulfills Long-range Weather Forecast

Thursday's (Feb 21) major storm brought blizzard conditions to the central Plains as well as much needed drought relief to the area, thus fulfilling the long-range weather forecast posted on The Weather Alternative on February 10th.

In the original post entitled Timing the Relief for Drought-Stricken U.S. Plains, the forecast read, "We can also expect the arrival of moisture over the Plains area in and around Feb. 21 when the Sun conjoins Neptune." The Accuweather map below shows conventional forecaster's assessment of the extent of the expected storm.

19 Blizzard

Yesterday, February 23rd, in a post entitled Wheat Belt Drought Relief Thanks to Big Snow, Accuweather reported that the storm delivered over a foot of snow across a sizable area of the central Plains. This translated into the equivalent of between 1/3 to 2/3 inches of rain, with some places receiving double that amount.

Currently, the U.S. Plains is in a serious drought. Check the aforementioned post for more dates when moisture may possibly arrive over the Plains. The following Drought Monitor map shows conditions as of Feb 12, 2013.

19 Drought Monitor

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