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Winter Storm Saturn Fulfills Long-range Weather Forecast!

In my Winter 2012-13 forecast posted on December 12, 2012, I issued the following forecast:

The Sun's last aspect during the winter season is its conjunction to Mercury. This will affect the Plains and Mississippi Valley areas. Watch for a strong cold front ushering in windy and stormy conditions there.

The Weather Channel has named the winter storm that is developing over the Midwest, "Winter Storm Saturn." According to their latest report, "Tonight the heavier snow...falls in the northern Mississippi Valley as snow moves into eastern Iowa, southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois." This is the area mentioned in my post almost 3 months ago.

The Accuweather headline for today states, "High Winds to Disrupt Travel in Midwest After Snowstorm." All the particulars mentioned here confirm the long-range forecast that pinpointed the Plains, the Mississippi Valley, and windy and stormy conditions. The map below is from Accuweather.

04 Minneapolis

More Forecast Results

In the same December post, a few other forecasts were given. Here is a brief look at how they turned out.


February 24-27, 2013

This Full Moon period marks an important time since it coincides with the Sun's square to Jupiter. While this probably indicates mild and breezy conditions for the Plains, further east, over Mississippi and Alabama the extra added influence of Mercury conjunct Mars should slam those states with a strong low pressure system bringing high winds and precipitation.
The severe weather over Mississippi and Alabama arrived on schedule. The Accuweather map below shows the severe weather that struck the very area on the 25th. 24 Fire Danger So. Texas

Significant downpours and localized flash flooding were expected over this area along with a few tornadoes. While I called for mild and breezy conditions over the Plains, it was anything but mild. It was windy, as shown on the above map, but a blizzard raged over parts of the Plains as well.


February 28-March 2, 2013
In two different posts, I issued what appears to be contradictory forecasts--but maybe not. The first one read as follows:

The Sun sextiles Pluto and trines Saturn. This will bring fair and cool conditions to the Plains and also to the Great Basin area and western states.

The Weather Channel map below (March 1) shows the high pressure that held sway over much of the area. They reported that much of the West would be dry on Friday, March 1st.

Feb 28

The second forecast appeared in a post about drought relief for the Plains. In this forecast I mentioned that we could expect moisture over the Rockies and Plains around the 28th of February due to the conjunction of Venus and Neptune. Although much of the area was under high pressure, the National Weather Service reported of Feb. 28th that a disturbance would move over Colorado dropping between 1 and 4 inches of snow and that portions of Oklahoma and Texas would have isolated thunderstorms.

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