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Summer 2008: The West Coast Part 1

Mars and Neptune
The Vernal Equinox chart is one of the main charts used to assess weather patterns for the summer season. This coming summer season, which begins on June 20, 2008, brings a powerful Mars-Neptune opposition that falls on the Midheaven/IC of the Vernal Equinox chart over the Pacific Northwest. This opposition is known to induce southerly air flows characterized by tropical moisture. Temperatures and humidity increase, and downfall can be substantial.

Here are a few dates when the opposition is triggered.

June 20-23

The opposition between Mars and Neptune is exact and triggered by the Moon's aspect to both of them on the 23rd. This should coincide with an increase in moisture from southern regions resulting in storm emergencies.

July 11-13

A low pressure area or moisture drawn up from the south generates storms over the Pacific Northwest.

July 31-Aug 2

Venus opposes Neptune on the 31st and by the end of the forecast period the Moon will trigger their opposition. Further west, the Sun-Mercury conjunction takes place at about 140 west longitude on the 29th. These aspects may work together to produce a severe weather system over the Pacific Northwest. Temperatures rise and southerly winds preponderate. Downpours may be heavy resulting in flooding.


Aug 6-8
Mercury now opposes Neptune and the First Quarter Moon also affects the Pacific Northwest. More moisture is pumped into the western US resulting in a low pressure area or front that sets off storms. Wind may be a salient feature.

Aug 15-17
The Sun opposes Neptune but the power of this opposition is enhanced by the Sun also being in opposition to the Moon. In other words, the Full Moon of August 16th lands directly on Neptune. The Sun's trigger will unleash the full potential of the Mars-Neptune opposition. (See Link 1 and Link 2) The resulting weather pattern now may be stronger than the previous planetary triggers to this pair.
Expect abundant moisture to pour into the western US region resulting in high temperatures and humidity accompanied by heavy rains.
Tropical storm or hurricane formation may take place in the eastern Pacific at 123 west longitude and 15 north latitude or about 1000 miles southwest of Cabo San Lucas.

Around the World

Interesting weather patterns may develop in other areas during the August 15-17 period. In the Vernal Equinox chart, the Mars-Neptune opposition crosses with Mercury over Iran. This trio of planets will also be activated now and may produce some weather anomalies there. I'm not too familiar with weather patterns in Iran but since their summers are usually very hot and Mars-Neptune is known for it's effect of increasing temperatures and humidity this could signify an unusual heat wave. Since Mercury is involved, high winds may figure into the weather picture. A very unusual scenario would be a tropical storm or hurricane hitting the area. While this is not very likely it has happened in recent years.

Another Mars-Neptune-Mercury crossing is found about 450 miles southwest of Ireland in the northeastern Atlantic. This may coincide with a strong low pressure system that heads toward Europe. It's not unusual for the remnants of hurricanes to be blown this way, which may be the case here.

The Mars-Neptune opposition also grazes the east coast of Australia near Brisbane. They may be affected by a winter storm of sorts around this time.

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The Saving Light
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How did this miracle of survival happen?

Many of the children described seeing people of light who directed them to safety before the explosion occurred. Others talked about hearing the voice of an adult who told them where to go to avoid the bomb's blast.

One girl described her experience in detail: "They [the people of light] were standing there above us. There was a mother and a father and a lady holding a tiny baby and a little girl with long hair. There was a family of people. The woman told us that a bomb was going off soon and to listen to our brother. She said to be sure we did what he told us. They were dressed in white, bright like light bulbs, but brighter around the face. The woman made me feel good. I knew she loved me.

"The girl's brother stated: "I didn't see anything. I just heard a voice tell me to find my little sisters and take them over by the window, and keep them there. They were playing with their friends, and they did not want to move. I took them to the window and helped them through.

Another six-year-old child also testified that "a lady told me that a bomb was going to go off soon. She said to go over by the window and hurry out."

Learning from the Near-Death Experiences of Children Amazing Revelations of What It Feels Like to Die -- Melvin Morse, M.D.

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Nice call regarding June 20 - 23
We had moisture without rain but
lightning and thunder in the sierras starting numerous fires. O was in Eastern Nevada and ely Nv
had a shower and thunder and lightning as well. Humidity levels were up