Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Few Forecasts For April 2008

April's weather in the United States will be affected by a number of planetary alignments including squares from Mercury and Venus to Pluto, as well as squares from Mercury and Venus to Mars to name a few.

The Sun's ingress into Aries takes place on March 19th and is one of the main charts to consult for the development of weather patterns. The following forecasts are based on this chart. Time permitting, I'll post other forecasts for April based on other key charts.

April 2-5
Storm emergencies center around 85 west longitude (from Michigan south through the Florida Panhandle) due to Mercury's square to Pluto, which is now stationary and turning retrograde. By the 5th storms affect the mid-Atlantic and Southeast with potential for damaging winds. (Comment added March 23: Indications in the New Moon chart suggest a low pressure area will center over or pass through the Ohio Valley region.)

April 9-11
An outbreak of storms is indicated over the mid-Atlantic and Southeast. As Mercury perfects its square to Mars storms and windy conditions are shown for New England.

April 13-15
The Sun and Mercury will sextile Neptune, which will coincide with warm and fair conditions over the western U.S.

April 18-22
A series of trines and parallels from both the Sun and Mercury to Saturn will lower temperatures over the Rockies and may trigger precipitation.

April 22-24
Cool and breezy weather is indicated over the eastern Plains and Mississippi Valley.

April 24-26
Venus now sextiles Neptune bringing an increase in temperatures and fair conditions over the western states.

April 27-29
Cool and fair conditions are expected over the Rockies and Plains.

April 28-29
A storm system, brought on by Mercury's square to Neptune will enter the West Coast.

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