Friday, May 23, 2008

Saturn and Mars Rock the West

The Sun's square to Saturn on the 22nd and Venus' parallel to Mars on the 24th are resulting in rare May thunderstorms for Southern California, Arizona, and New Mexico; flooding concerns in Montana; and the unusual movement of a low pressure system over the Northwest bringing the storms to the area from the east. The Weather Alternative forecast for May 22-25 was posted on April 15th and called for a clashing of cold and warm air masses as represented by Saturn and Mars resulting in storms over the Rockies.

Much of Montana and northern Wyoming could have in excess of 2 inches of rain Thursday into Thursday night.

An unusually strong southerly dip in the jet stream is helping to spark some rare May thunderstorms in Southern California, Arizona and New Mexico. Southern California will have extreme weather for a second day today after hail, tornadoes, floods and mudslides all made the headlines yesterday in the region. Today will be mainly a flooding threat, although thunderstorms containing severe weather are possible.

More snow is falling across the Rockies from Montana to Arizona with snow levels lowering to between 6000 to 7000 feet. Some of the highest elevations could pick up over 2 feet of snow, especially the Tetons, and southwest mountains in Montana. Is it May 23rd or February 23rd?

(All weather maps courtesy of Accuweather)

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