Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Hurricane For Haiti?

Haiti is one of the worst places to take a direct hit from a hurricane. The devastation and loss of life can be tremendous. The Atlantic Basin is already active as we speak, and planetary alignments do promise some hurricane or severe weather in and around Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Specifically, February's lunar eclipse localizes the Sun-Mercury conjunction of July 29th over the island of HispaƱola. In season, Sun-Mercury conjunctions are known to produce hurricanes or severe weather systems that generate strong winds.

The chart at right is a view of the Sun-Mercury conjunction as seen from February's lunar eclipse over Haiti. Notice the Sun and Mercury conjoining on the Midheaven and squaring the Ascendant.

So roughly between July 28-31, 2008 a tropical storm and/or hurricane is possible over this area. If not an actual tropical system, the next scenario would be a severe weather system producing dangerous thunderstorms over the island.

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O'er uncharted sea
To their hearts' desire
Do men of faith set sail,
While the beaten men
Walk with fearful hearts
Along life's beaten trail.

The men of faith will challenge
Both men & Satan's wrath,
But the beaten men will compromise
And walk the beaten path.

Beaten roads are for beaten men,
As they walk with measured tread,
With tuneless souls they move along
To dwell among the dead.

But men of faith climb unscaled walls,
And sail uncharted sea.
They dare to cross convention's bounds
To set the captives free.

-- Thomas Wyatt

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