Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sun-Mercury Storms Haiti; Mars Heats Up The U.S.

In my July 17th post "A Hurricane for Haiti?" I presented a couple of possible weather scenarios for the Dominican Republic and Haiti. The Sun-Mercury conjunction of July 29th lead me to believe that a tropical storm or hurricane might hit the island between July 28-31. If not a hurricane, I conjectured that a severe weather system producing dangerous thunderstorms might hit the island.

Tonight the Weather Channel reports "A tropical wave moving through the eastern Caribbean Sea has enhanced activity across Puerto Rico and will do the same to the Dominican Republic and Haiti through Friday. Flash flooding is possible along the mountains of both islands."

The Dominican Republic's weather service is calling for downpours, gusty winds, and flooding in low-lying areas. The infrared weather map above shows the system approaching the island.

The next post entitled Mars and the Solar Eclipse of Sept 11, 2007 explained how transit Mars would trigger last September's solar eclipse degree. Since the Sun-Moon eclipse line ran through the Rockies and Mexico, I concluded that nature's heat element would be active over theses areas and could even produce a tropical system along the Mexican coast south of Guadalajara between July 30th and August 2nd.

Here's how things are shaping up:

Nature's heat element is definitely at work over the Rockies. Accuweather reports "A dome of high pressure over the Four Corners is producing the blazing sunshine and triple-digit temperatures. Increasing humidity east of the Rockies will create RealFeel® temperatures that will make it fell hotter and more uncomfortable."

The heat is also expanding eastward into the Plains. According to the Weather Channel "Both Saturday and Sunday, afternoon highs will reach the lower 100s over much of the southern Plains, Texas, and parts of the Lower Mississippi River Valley, with middle and upper 90s across the rest of the Deep South."

Further south in Mexico, their weather service reports that a tropical wave around 101 west longitude is causing strong convective activity along the coasts of Guerrero, Michoacán, Colima y Jalisco where strong to intense rains may fall. Since Guadalajara is located in the state of Jalisco, we're right on target.

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Thank God For Everything?

One couple heard me speak on praising God for everything and went home quite disturbed. For months they had grieved over the condition of their daughter who had been committed to a mental institution and had been diagnosed as hopelessly insane.

Prayer groups across the country had been asked to intercede for her, and daily the parents had pleaded with God on their knees to heal their daughter. Her condition remained unchanged.

Their initial response to the challenge that they should praise God for the condition of their daughter had left them distraught and unhappy.

But finally they decided, "We have nothing to lose, do we? Why don't we try it?"

They knelt together. "Dear God," the husband began, "we know that You love us and that You love our daughter even more than we do. We're going to trust that You're working out in her life what You know is best for her; so we thank You for her sickness, thank You that she's in the hospital, thank You for the doctors who haven't found a way to help her. We praise You for Your wisdom and love toward us ... "

The longer they prayed that day, the more they became convinced that God was indeed doing what was best.

The next morning the hospital psychiatrist called.

"Sir, there's been a remarkable change in your daughter," he said. "I suggest you come and see her."

Within two weeks she was released from the hospital.

A year later a young man came up to me after a meeting. He introduced himself as the girl's brother and told me that she was married, expecting a baby, and "is the happiest girl in the world!"--Power in Praise by Merlin R. Carothers

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Denver hit 104 on August 1....Historic high in Denver..Great call