Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tropical Storm Matthew Fulfills Long-range Forecast!

Tropical Storm Matthew formed today in the Caribbean fulfilling the long-range forecast posted here on May 28th almost 4 months ago.

23 Matthew

The Accuweather map above shows Tropical Storm Matthew's position and the area it will effect over the next few days.

The Weather Alternative forecast read as follows:

Sept 21-23, 2010

The Sun’s oppositions to Jupiter and Uranus, as well as the parallel of Mars to Neptune gather their influence together over the Central American countries of Panama, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. The resultant weather pattern may be a tropical storm or hurricane that affects the area or a severe weather pattern ignited by tropical moisture.

I posted a reminder again on September 6th.

Current thinking is the Matthew will affect Nicaragua, Honduras, and Belize over the next few days with heavy rain. This path is a bit more to the north than I had envisioned.

So far this hurricane season The Weather Alternative long-range forecasts have found their fulfillment in Hurricane Alex, Tropical Storm Bonnie, Tropical Depression 5, Hurricane Earl, Tropical Depression 10E and now Tropical Storm Matthew.

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