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Central America Hurricane Potential Sept 18-23, 2010

Hurricane Earl and T.D. 10E Fulfill Long-range Forecasts!

So far this year The Weather Alternative long-range hurricane forecasts have pinpointed Hurricane Alex, Tropical Storm Bonnie, Tropical Depression 5, Hurricane Earl, and Tropical Depression 10E. Here's an upcoming scenario that might develop into some tropical activity in the Central America area.

A region senstive to planetary influences sets up approximately over 81 west longitude and 11 north latitude. This area is in the southwestern Caribbean off the eastern coasts of Panama, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua.


Starting with the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus on the 18th, we then move into the Sun's oppositions to Jupiter and Uranus on the 21st. The Full Moon of the 23rd also heightens activity over the area.

The result just very well could be another tropical system that organizes over the area affecting Panama, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. Short of an all-out tropical system my next guess would be a severe weather pattern bringing heavy rains.

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