Saturday, January 15, 2011

Feb 2-5, 2011 U.S. West Coast and Australia

The Sun-Mars conjunction, occurring at intervals of 25.7 months, is normally equated with heat and dryness. The conjunction of February 4th follows on the heels of the New Moon of the 2nd. This will add energy to the Sun-Mars conjunction and may give us more than the normal increase in temperatures.

For the United States, the conjunction affects the West Coast area. Since we're in the middle of winter, the heat indicated by Mars may trigger an energetic storm system over the Pacific Northwest and West Coast.

The conjunction also strongly affects Australia. Given that Australia is in the middle of their summer season, heat is more easily manifested. But due to the New Moon effect on the Sun-Mars conjunction, I think strong storms may ensue especially over the northeastern part of Australia and southward. It's also tropical cyclone season down under so a tropical system cannot be ruled out.

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