Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jan 16-18, 2011 Forecast Results

The long-range forecast for Jan 16-18, 2011 called for a cold high pressure system over the Midwest. The forecast was posted on Nov 14, 2010.

Jan 16

The Weather Channel map above for Jan 16th shows the high pressure over the Midwest. It didn't last very long as a wintry mix hit the area over the next days. Below is the map for the 18th.

Jan 18

Feb 2-5, 2011 U.S. West Coast and Australia

January 25-27, 2011 New England and Eastern Canada

South Texas Wet Weather Feb 16-18, 2011

Significant West Coast Storm February 20-23, 2011

Major Storm January 3-5, 2011

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