Monday, January 31, 2011

Groundhog Day Blizzard and Australian Cyclone Yasi

A crippling winter storm, nicknamed the Groundhog Day Blizzard, will impact much of the eastern two-thirds of the United States over the next few days.

31 Groundhog Day Blizzard

Between Monday and Wednesday (Jan 31-Feb 2), both a major blizzard and an ice storm will affect a large portion of the Midwest and continue its trek eastward through New England.

The storm coincides perfectly with the New Moon of February 2nd and its conjunction to Mars. The planet Mars in astro-meteorology is known for acute and energetic storm systems. A number of charts place the Sun-Moon-Mars combination over the eastern United States but the most outstanding one is the last Lunar Eclipse of December 21, 2010.

In my post of January 15, 2010, which contained forecasts for Feb 2-5, 2011, I commented on how the Sun-Mars conjunction strongly affected Australia, especially the northeastern part. I concluded by saying that since it's cyclone season down under, a tropical system could not be ruled out.

31 Australia

This forecast will be fulfilled in Severe Tropical Cyclone Yasi. As shown on the weather map from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, the cyclone is predicted to hit northeastern Australia on February 2nd.
J. C. Penny

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