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Texas Rain Results

Important Update- Sept 30, 2012:
An interesting comment was made by Accuweather today regarding the recent rain in Texas. They stated, "Even ignoring the recent heavy rain, conditions have been improving as much of Texas is averaging near to above normal in rainfall since late spring." This comment confirms the forecast posted back in November 2011 entitled Texas Summer 2012 (see the link in the next paragraph) in which I mentioned that the Jupiter-Neptune influence would bring above average rainfall.

The August 10, 2012 post entitled More on Texas Rain 2012 gave some dates to look out for regarding rain in Texas. Other posts on the subject are Texas Summer 2012 and Texas Drought Update. These posts explain the role that the Jupiter-Neptune square has in increasing rainfall. The map below shows the position of Neptune and Jupiter through Texas, the Plains, and the Mississippi Valley.

The first date was August 21-25. The map below shows the storms that developed over the Texas area on the 21st.

The National Weather Service explained that an upper level disturbance combined with a warm front and moist air to bring widespread thunderstorms to the Southern Plains. These storms move very slowly and produced heavy rain.

The next forecast was for the period of Sept 1-3. Although no rain developed over Texas, the remnants of Hurricane Isaac hit Arkansas, Missouri, and southern Illinois. When comparing the map below for Sept. 1st and the astro-locality map above, we can see the remnants of Isaac were over the Jupiter line at this time when it was being activated.

Sept 6-8 was forecast to be a period of sultry weather due to increasing temperatures and humidity. On the 5th, the Weather Channel reported severe storms from the Texas Panhandle into Kansas. On the 7th, storms were spreading east in the Appalachians and south into Texas. Hot temperatures were still holding on in South Texas on the 8th. The last forecast period was Sept 16-18. In the map below for Sept 16, we see rain over Texas. Actually, the 16th was the last day of a few days of flooding rain that hit Texas starting late on the 13th. Meanwhile further east, heavy rain was falling from the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes. In a 24-hour period, 2 to 4 inches of rain fell over Tennessee, Kentucky, and the Appalachians. This is pretty close to the Jupiter line in the astro-locality map. Below is the Accuweather map for Sept 16.

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