Monday, August 21, 2006

August 14-15, 2006 Forecast Results

Click here for August 2006 Hurricane and Severe Weather Outlook.

These forecasts were developed during the first two weeks of December 2005.


Aug 14-15:
Meteorological mayhem breaks out over the Southeast U.S. through the Ohio Valley as atmospheric elements combine over the area. One scenario shows a tropical system approaching the west coast of Florida and pushing inland with soaking rains. Another model suggests strong storms with damaging winds and flooding.


August 14, 2006- The Weather Channel

A few severe storms Ohio Valley Monday

A stalled front off the coast of northeast Florida may drift slightly southward into an area of lower wind shear aloft over the next day or two. This could provide the opportunity for a tropical or subtropical low pressure system to develop somewhere along the front in the vicinity of enhanced thunderstorms over the Gulf Stream.

August 16, 2006- The Weather Channel

A flare-up of heavy showers associated with a low pressure center about 125 miles southeast of Myrtle Beach, S. C., is being monitored closely. Air force reserve Hurricane Hunters are tasked to investigate the disturbance this afternoon. It's possible a tropical depression could form later today or tonight if the convection--the heavy showers--persists. Upper-level winds are light (minimal wind shear) and the disturbance is near the Gulf Stream (plenty of warm water).

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