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August 26-30, 2007 Forecast Results

Following is The Weather Alternative long-range forecast
for August 26-30, 2007.

August 26-30:
Triggers to the Lunar Eclipse of March 2007 should bring a potent weather system over the Mid-Atlantic and through the Northeast. This may be tropical as was the last time the Sun triggered the eclipse in June. At that time the remnants of TS Barry visited the area. Ifnot an actual tropical system, at least strong storms assail the area.

Other areas that stand out for possible tropical activity or at the least some type of severe weather are the eastern Great Lakes, the Carolinas and the West* Coast of Florida.(* correction added Aug 26, 2007--after checking records, this should read East Coast of Florida)

On the 26th, Accuweather reported "A cold front that sparked severe Midwest storms on Saturday (25th) and strong thunderstorms across the Northeast on Sunday (26h)will move offshore today..." The above Accuweather map is for the 31st when another front pushed through the Northeast triggering storms.

The eastern Great Lakes also saw stormy conditions on the 29th after a couple of days of very severe weather over the western Great Lakes.

On the 27th, meteorologists expected severe storms over the Carolinas with high winds and flooding. On the 28th, welcome storms ignited over the Carolinas and a low-pressure system began to form off the Southeast coast between the Carolinas and Florida, which were areas pinpointed in the long-range forecast for possible tropical activity.

September 2007 Hurricane and Severe Weather Outlook

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