Saturday, September 22, 2007

October 2007 Hurricane and Severe Weather Outlook

This October's weather will be influenced by planetary phenomena such as Mercury's retrograde station, the Sun's conjunction with Mercury, Jupiter's square to Uranus, and Venus' conjunction with Saturn. Read on to find out where, when, and how these planetary influences will most likely operate.
Oct 5-7
The Full Moon of September 26 left its mark over the
Intermountain West and is now activated by Mars.
Expect stormy conditions to hit the area.
Oct 9-12
A number of charts localize the effects of the Jupiter-Uranus square over the western U.S. I think we can count on a storm system hitting the West Coast and pushing into the Rockies.
Oct 9-13
A cold front pushing into the southern Mississippi Valley will bring windy conditions to the area and possibly generate strong storms.
Oct 11-14
Mercury's retrograde station usually increases windy conditions or triggers storms packing gusty winds. The seasonal chart places this influence over the Rockies. The Sun's trine to Neptune also influences the same area and may help to tame some of Mercury's influence.
Oct 18-20
Around this time tropical storm formation is possible in the eastern Pacific near 119 West, 21 North (about 620 miles west southwest of Cabo San Lucas). In addition, a front pushes in to the Pacific Northwest perhaps due to a low-pressure system off the California-Oregon coast.
Oct 22-24
A cold front is due to penetrate the Plains at this time due to the Sun's conjunction to Mercury and Venus' opposition to Uranus. Both Mercury and Uranus are associated with colder temperatures. If enough moisture is in place, storms will ensue.
Oct 23-26
What appears to be a major storm system packing high winds and rain, will hit the West Coast and move inland over the Intermountain West and Rockies.
Oct 29-Nov 2
An influx of moisture from the western Gulf is scheduled to travel northward into Texas and the southern Plains increasing temperatures and rainfall. The potential exists for an actual low-pressure system to form off the east coast of Mexico around 96 West/23 North.
Oct 31-Nov 3
Neptune's direct station along with the Sun's conjunction to the Mercury Rx degree will increase storm potential over the Intermountain West and Rockies.
"Visits To Heaven"
Most people will agree with the statement "Every
product of genius is the product of inspiration." But
where does inspiration come from?

One recognized genius, Akiane Kramarik (pronounced
ah-KEE-ah-nah), an otherwise normal 13-year-old girl
from Idaho in the U.S. northwest, says hers comes
from God in the form of visions, dreams, and personal
observation. Akiane is a self-taught artist whose
deeply spiritual paintings have won her international
acclaim as one of the top visual artists in the
world. She is also a poet and a composer and speaks
four languages. She began drawing at the age of four,
around the time she began having profound spiritual
experiences, which she called "visits to Heaven," and
described in detail to her then-atheistic mother. "I
have been blessed by God," Akiane says. "I want my
art to draw people's attention to God." Other
examples of Akiane's art and poetry can be found at


Anonymous said...

Akiane's visions and the resulting art reminded me of Hildegard of Bingen. A 12th century German nun who had similar visions and then wrote books and composed music about them.
Gary (NJ)

The Weather Alternative said...

Hi, Gary!

Very interseting. I was reading more about Hildegard at